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Dental Implants

Here at Professional Dental we are able to treatment plan implants by using digital impressions and 3D cone beam scans. We are then able to design your final restoration first, to guide the ideal location for your implant placement. This will allow us to replace your missing tooth and provide you with normal function and ideal aesthetics. This has allowed us to change our approach to restoring your implant based on past restrictions of implant placement. We are also able to utilize surgical guides that are made using our cone beam and digital impression technology to assure the implant is placed at the same depth, angle and location of our 3D design. By utilizing our wide range of technology we can assure you have great function and beautiful aesthetics of your implant crown.   


The final is completed after the implant has integrated (healed) for 3-4 months and a healing abutment has shaped the gingiva (gums) for 2 weeks.  


This describes all parts that screw into the implant.  


1. Healing screw - flat screw head that allows the gums to grow over while an implant heals in bone

2. healing abutment - after the implant heals in bone it needs to be exposed and the healing abutment is screwed to the implant to allow the gums to heal around and create a space for the final abutment and crown.

3. Restorative abutment - the final piece screwed to the implant which supports the crown and creates the shape of the gums around the crown.

Dental Implant

The titanium root of your new tooth.  This requires 3-4 months to heal in bone.  Sometimes this can be placed at the time of extraction. 



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